We’ve written elsewhere on what’s under the hood of Sitecore 9, and also Sitecore Version 9 Update 1 – but what are the real benefits of moving to Sitecore 9?

Benefits of Sitecore 9 for marketing teams

  • Versatile, native tools: All the connected tools in one platform with one database for omni-channel experiences.
  • Rich data: Centralises all personalised data from any source, including best of breed systems.
  • Intelligent insights: Generates actionable and optimized insights through Machine Learning Intelligence (Sitecore Cortex).
  • Personalisation at scale: Real-time personalisation leveraging rich customer data and interactions.
  • IoT & More: Deliver experiences across the channels of today and tomorrow.
  • Cloud: Confidence marketing campaigns can scale with speed, reliability of Cloud.

Benefits of Sitecore 9 for IT teams and developers

  • Flexible integration – integrate with nearly anything using existing out-of-the-box connector, Sitecore xConnect.
  • Deploy your way – whether you prefer on-premise, hybrid cloud, or managed cloud hosting, Sitecore offers flexible deployment options to suit your organisation’s needs for fast time to market.
  • Enterprise grade – implemented by thousands of leading enterprise organisations, Sitecore meets the enterprise scalability, reliability, and security requirements including encryption, federated authentication and GDPR support.
  • Familiar stack – built leveraging the full Microsoft stack, Sitecore solutions can be configured with range of familiar databases, technologies and Cloud options (IaaS, PaaS) to reduce learning curves and accelerate implementation.
  • Community - gain insights, tips and tricks from over 18k developers in the Sitecore Developer Community.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to get a demonstration of Sitecore 9, discuss an upgrade to this latest version of Sitecore’s powerful Experience Platform (XP), or just to hear how we may be of help in your upcoming project.