The vision was always alluring. A kind of digital marketers’ Holy Grail'. A marketing automation and email system that intimately understood what customers do in real time on any digital channel, then supporting customers' activities from discovery through to on-boarding by triggering email communications in sync with the customer journey.

Orchestral marketing manoeuvres in the light...

The key to success here was always going to be simplicity in the marketer's ability to use the tools and craft the journey. An elegant, drag-and-drop IU along with a grab bag of common templates, common automation flows and intuitive triggers to integrate email automation with on site customer behaviour.

Anything else would be a barrier to adoption. Anything else is simply…too hard, in a world that moves fast.

It turns out that synchronised digital marketing is easier typed, than done.

The move to a composable Sitecore clearly shows the company knows this, and made extraordinary acquisitions to deliver for their marketer customer base.

Sitecore Send fulfils this vision, and then some.

Things to love. Part one: A marketers UI

Email drag-and-drop is the name of the game, with the ability to add placeholders, stylings, widgets and column and row splitting that give you deep flexibility to craft stunning emails, landing pages and campaign assets.

Combined with elegant and intuitive campaign creation, social campaign sharing and understandable reports, Sitecore Send more than stands up against the crowd.

It’s nice, really, really nice and feels like a tool designed and crafted for marketers.

Sitecore send interface example
Sitecore Send interface example
Sitecore send forms interface example
Sitecore Send form interface example
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Things to love. Part two: Templates. Templates. Templates.

Everyone loves an accelerator. Templates are just that, a way to fast-track delivering an email, form or automation plan that gets results quicker.

Sitecore Send is extremely rich in this department. A deep dive into the platform uncovers:

  • 64 email, campaign and newsletter templates
  • 60 plus landing page templates
  • 30 plus marketing automation flows (these are so cool)
  • 50 plus form templates (modals, pop ups, exit pop ups, floating bar, in page)
Example of Sitecore send newsletter templates
Example of Sitecore Send newsletter templates

Things to love. Part three: Triggers. Triggers. Triggers

The ability to trigger automated communications based on real time and historical customer intel is king. Sitecore Send knows this is the essence of top-of-mind, in the moment marketing.

Sitecore send triggers 
Sitecore Send triggers

There are too many triggers to list, the standard “clicked on, submitted form” basics are there, but there are some that I adore. Like the countdowns. These are awesome, and have myriad use cases.

Sitecore Send underpins what Sitecore believes marketing across channels, in symphony is. It’s been a central dream of the marketer, since forever, and with Sitecore Send it’s a hard reality.

Combined with the ability to trigger marketing flows off customer activity on websites it’s a no-brainer!

Codehouse has been at the forefront of Sitecore development for over 15 years. If you want to find out more about the things we love in Sitecore Send, and how the platform can help your business, get in touch.