Infrastructure is one of the most important aspects to evaluate when embarking on a digital transformation project. Your choice of infrastructure will affect your digital business agility, scalability and resilience.

UX design, usability, content, user journeys and all the other aesthetic and strategic elements are also important. But the thing that binds everything together is a secure, robust, and future proof Sitecore hosting solution.

It's vital that your Sitecore hosting requirements are determined from the outset. If you choose the wrong platform your website may suffer and could impact your budget in the process. Some negative aspects to a poor hosting infrastructure include:

  • Poor page performance (slow page load speed):  The ideal page load speed is estimated to be 1.5 seconds. Anything longer, the visitor is likely to leave. This pushes up bounce rates and creates a negative user experience
  • Security issues: A robust hosting solution delivers improved security both for your business and your visitors
  • SEO:  A Moz survey showed a correlation between lower Time-To-First-Byte (TTFB) metrics and search engine rankings. Websites hosted on efficient and high performing platforms showed higher search ranking results than those on slower ones

Sitecore's vast capabilities and performance attributes require hosting that can meet the demands of today's digitality.

Whatever your needs, we offer a variety of Sitecore hosting options.

Host your Sitecore website on your premises

Some businesses prefer to host their website 'on prem'. This means that their Sitecore website is hosted 'locally'.

An important consideration with on premises Sitecore hosting is licenses. The more servers you have, the greater the hardware and licensing fees.

If you have the budget, robust IT processes, and access to a knowledgeable infrastructure team then hosting on premises is a viable option.

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Host your Sitecore website on Microsoft Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a cost-effective hosting solution. Sitecore cloud services have been available to all Sitecore users since the release of version 8.2.

Azure hosting is scalable, secure, and offers such options as blue/green deployments. It combines the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and the flexibility of Microsoft Azure.

Cloud deployment is available as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Package as a Service (PaaS) and, with the release of Sitecore 10, Azure Kubernetes (AKS).

Host your website on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services isn't new. It's been around for a number of years. AWS has a variety of robust cloud hosting solutions for medium to enterprise sized businesses.

As well as a Quick Start deployment at no additional cost, AWS has a documented Well-Architected Framework that covers best practices.

Sitecore Managed Cloud

If you use Sitecore XP, XM or XC, Sitecore Managed Cloud can host, monitor, manage, and maintain your solution. It delivers robust and secure capabilities and can deploy in as little as 30 minutes, reducing costs and allowing your content and marketing teams to quickly output content.

In addition to all-round support and monitoring, your business will benefit from elastic scaling, disaster recovery and the ability to quickly implement international instances.

What about Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, is a relatively new practice that involves managing your website's infrastructure the same way you manage your applications’ code.

Important hosting elements like networks, virtual machines, and load balancers, for instance, are managed and maintained using configuration files.

IaC limits the time spent to manually set up and update IT infrastructure. This reduces cost while delivering speed, scalability, flexibility, and efficient development and deployment cycles.

Are you ready to talk about hosting?

If you’re thinking about Sitecore as your preferred choice of platform, or you want to discuss your existing Sitecore hosting set-up, then talk to an experienced Sitecore partner - Codehouse.

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