In the cloud

For the Email Experience Manager 3.4, Sitecore has introduced the Sitecore Email Cloud Service.

A replacement to the Email Delivery service used in previous versions, Sitecore Email Cloud Service is all about reputation management, a process that ensures emails arrive in the desired recipient’s inbox. This latest cloud service feature provides delivery and support on a global scale.

EXM 3.4 has gives marketers better email delivery capabilities and expanded reports

EXM 3.4 also has a new pricing structure with new software and services, and a new tiered subscription model with Email Preview and Spam Check tools - all designed to make it a lot easier and quicker for Sitecore users to get EXM up and running.

One for the marketers

So marketers get the very best from their digital activities, there's an even more powerful email tool set. Another great addition to this experience platform that is always on the up.

The updated interface in the Sitecore Email Experience Manager 3.4
Improved reporting gives marketers better insights into email behaviour

Summary of features & enhancements:

  • Improved UI
  • Advanced reporting (The Experience Profile timeline now shows email events)
  • A/B testing support for uploaded and imported templates
  • Updated message type names align with common marketing terms
  • Custom EXM values facets in the xDB
  • Improved stability of bounce handling, Spam Check and Email Preview
  • New Administrator menu
  • Expanded reports
  • Mail generation engine
  • Email Cloud Service (Delivery, Spam Check & Email Preview)
  • Reputation management feature
  • New pricing structure
  • New subscription model
  • Global delivery & support