If you go to the Experience Profile app and drill down into a contact you will see a new “Action” button in the top right next to the “Timeline” drop down. Here you will find an “Anonymize” option. Clicking this will empty the PII facets in the contact record. It’s ready to help you comply with a right to be forgotten request in line with GDPR.

Anonymize GDPR
Experience Profile Anonymize Feature

Email Experience Manager

Version 9 Update 1 adds Email Experience Manager (EXM) as a standard part of the Sitecore XP install. Note though that EXM only works if xDB is enabled. It is also possible to disable EXM if that’s not needed for now. Perhaps you use MailChimp, Pure360 or dotmailer? Whichever you use, talk to us as we are the masters of Sitecore integration and can help you get the best from your marketing tech.

Sitecore has two options for choosing how you could send the emails. Either by using your own SMTP gateway or by choosing to use Sitecore’s Email Cloud service.

EXM’s reporting functionality has been much enhanced in these latest versions. You can now report on location, device, bounce type and much more. Segmentation rules mean you can identify contacts by a multitude of criteria such as emails opened, emails that bounced or generated a spam complaint, and even the time of day of opening and clicking.

Forms and Marketing Automation

Coupled with the EXM news above, a submit action that allows you to send an automated message has been added to the ‘new’ V9 Forms.

Email Save Action
Forms Email Submit Action

The keen-eyed amongst you will also spot our bespoke Codehouse 'Update Contact Details' action which saves forms data to the xDB.

A ‘Send Email’ action has also been added to Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation Send Email Action
Send Email Action in Marketing Automation

Experience Editor

Bonus enhancement - You might find the Experience Editor loads faster due to some speed enhancements.

Tried and Tested

Our own website, the one you are visiting now, has been on Sitecore 9 since right after Version 9 was introduced to the world in Vegas. What’s more it is hosted on Microsoft Azure PaaS in multiple data centres. We have a full development and deployment methodology for the Azure PaaS Platform. We will write about that in an upcoming Insight article, so watch this space.

Do you want a demonstration?

Contact us to get a demonstration of Sitecore 9, discuss an upgrade to this latest version of Sitecore’s powerful Experience Platform (XP), or just to hear how we may be of help in an upcoming project.