FXM has the ability to share Sitecore content across non-Sitecore platforms. It enables your marketing team with a single view of your website visitors even if they're visiting a non-Sitecore website.

The Sitecore FXM is ideal is for tracking activity on your non-Sitecore websites

Accessible from the new user interface (Launchpad), the Sitecore FXM allows you to implement a variety of functions on your non-Sitecore website, such as personalisation, goals and events, and profiling on external site content.

FXM also allows your marketing team to assign rules to engagement plans for non-Sitecore sites and track website traffic in Experience Analytics - all enabled by a simple JavaScript tag that is added to your external site.

An example of the Sitecore Federated Experience Manager interface
Configure your non-Sitecore website in a simple interface


When the 'beacon' tag has been added to your external site the FXM can be used for one of the following functions :

  • Capturing click action: Your marketing team can assign goals, events, or outcomes to a button or a landing page
  • Adding a placeholder: In order to personalise external content you need the ability to add Sitecore placeholders to your external website - this feature allows you to do so, meaning that you can replace page elements with content from your Sitecore solution and assign personalisation rules
  • Adding a page filter: Your marketing  team can assign goals and profile cards, and edit individual page components, which can then be assigned with personalisation rules that, when triggered, display contextual content to your website visitors

Summary of features:

  • Simple set-up
  • Page tracking
  • Goal conversion tracking
  • Content profiling
  • Personalisation
  • Sitecore Page Editor accessible