As we enter the final months of Universal Analytics (UA), is your business ready for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

As the end of UA approaches there may be some businesses that have yet to align their analytics efforts to the upcoming switch from UA to GA4.

We're here to help. We'll provide you with expert guidance on GA4, including its migration from UA. So what should you expect in GA4?

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is the newest and latest version of Google Analytics. It offers new and improved features to help your business understand your audience and improve your digital marketing efforts. The benefits of GA4 include:

  • Multi platform: GA4 has a platform for both website or app.
  • Cross-device tracking: GA4 allows you to track user interactions across different devices and platforms. This gives you a 360 degree view of your users' behaviour. Because GA4 fills the gaps left by the removal of cookies (as more browsers block third party cookies) this feature is great for tracking your visitors' entire cross-platform journey.
  • Enhanced machine learning: GA4 uses machine learning to provide valuable predictive metrics. These insights and recommendations can help you optimise your website and marketing campaigns.
  • Improved event tracking: With more flexible and customisable event tracking, you'll be able to track specific user actions and behaviours on your website or app. Plus, there are even more custom dimensions and metrics.
  • Simplified implementation: A simplified interface makes it easier for your team to set up and start using the platform. For example, It’s easier to set up conversion and event tracking, which can also be automated.
  • Privacy-centric design: GA4 is designed with privacy in mind. It offers improved data control and privacy settings to help you comply with data protection regulations.
  • Data validation: With quick data validation and audit built within the user interface you'll be able to get results and insights a lot quicker.
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So, when UA ends and you make the switch to GA4, you'll enjoy a range of new and improved features that can help you gain deeper insights into your audience so you can improve your digital marketing efforts. Don’t get left behind!

Working with Codehouse

At Codehouse the GA4 property is already implemented alongside Universal Analytics enabling us to benefit from features provided by both tools. We're also helping our customers migrate to GA4 before the switch.

Our expert analytics team is available to help your business seamlessly transition from UA to GA4. Get in touch to start the process.