Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 is a unified platform that integrates four key elements of content delivery:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Product Content Management (PCM)
  • Marketing Resource Management (MRM)
  • Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

Content Hub 4.0 uses Content as a Service (CaaS) or headless content delivery. This enables digital marketing teams to seamlessly deploy content at pace across a multitude of touchpoints.

Headless deployment decouples content assets like images, words etc. By separating back-end content from the front-end presentation layer, seamless experiences can be delivered to all channels.

This new iteration of Content Hub is enhanced with a schema publishing engine and a data publisher. This important addition accelerates content delivery so that it gets to market a lot sooner.

In addition to the new publishing engine, Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 is built on a new scalable platform called Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub, which uses graphQL APIs. This means team members can push engaging content more efficiently as well as limiting the repurposing of content.

To ensure the targeted delivery of the right content at the right time to the right audience, Content Hub 4.0 has improved the management of content variations and team collaborations.

Other enhancements include a better management process, improved workflows and soft deletion of archives.

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Let’s take a look at some of the things you can in do Sitecore Content Hub.

Plan your content calendar

With Sitecore Content Hub, not only can you pull in existing content from other systems, but you can plan the creation of new content.

You can do this by subject, persona, and campaign, or in any way you need for your organisation. You can also plot your content production dates and publication timelines across multiple channels on the calendar.

sitecore content hub strategy 

Create a comprehensive content production and publishing plan.

Write text-based content

Sitecore Content Hub lets you ideate and author text-based content directly within the platform, allowing you to review and approve before publication.

You can use your usual software, such as Word, Photoshop, or InDesign, or you can write your blog post, article, or social media post directly with some fantastic interactive authoring tools.

sitecore content hub author 

Write content directly within Sitecore Content Hub.

Team collaboration

You get a full suite of collaboration tools and features allowing your team to:

  • Share files
  • Manage content versions
  • Preview content
  • Check in / check out files
  • Collaboratively edit content in real time
  • Add comments and annotations
  • Proof and review content
  • Manage workflow from start to finish
  • Manage projects with Gantt-style planning, tasks, resource, and budget
  • Share workspaces and user stories
  • Utilise backlog and kanban tools
sitecore content hub collaborate 

Sitecore Content Hub comes will a whole raft of collaboration features.

Manage content versions and rights

Sitecore Content Hub acts as your brand’s single source of truth when it comes to content.

With version management and rights management included, when you look at any piece of content, your team all around the world can see the original source file, the file size, file properties, who created it, when and how it can be used, and when usage needs to stop.


sitecore content hub manage

Take full control of your content, from versioning to rights management.

Curate content for easy searching

Sitecore Content Hub makes searching for content simple.

By adding metadata to each file and piece of content, administrators can make it available for quick discovery. Best practice metadata management is vital in order for the content you’ve spent hours planning, reviewing, and creating, to be found, and used. Without good, accurate metadata, personalisation and localisation are virtually impossible.

sitecore content hub curate


 Add comprehensive metadata for easy content search.

Publish content and measure its effectiveness

If you’ve got a Sitecore website, then you know about Sitecore’s publication, personalisation, and analytics capabilities. You get these with Sitecore Content Hub, too.

As content can be integrated directly with Sitecore Experience Platform, your digital and website team can search for and make use of all the content and publish it directly on your website, or other channels, and build a personalised, audience-specific experience that drives real results.

As Content Hub scores the effectiveness of content, your team can also see how successful each piece of content has been in each context, allowing you to optimise it for future campaigns.

sitecore content hub publish

Measure the effectiveness of your content

Sitecore Content Hub components

  • Sitecore DAM (Dgital Asset Management): Manage and store all your digital assets, preview content, and enforce digital rights management
  • Sitecore MRM (Marketing Resource Management): Allows your team to collaborate, plan, and deliver marketing campaigns across different brands, countries, and channels
  • Sitecore CMP (Content Marketing Platform): Manage your content strategy, and plan task streams across different stakeholders within the business
  • Sitecore PCM (Product Content Management): Manage and maintain all product-related content and data
  • Sitecore W2P (web to print): Generate printable product sheets for customers
sitecore content hub components 

Full integration with Sitecore products

Sitecore Content Hub integrates fully with Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce.

Sitecore calls this the Sitecore Experience Cloud.

When you’ve created content it’s ready to be used to deliver superior digital experiences through Sitecore Experience Platform and to drive retail conversions with Sitecore Experience Commerce.

Because the systems are all fully integrated, data about how effective each piece of content is in engaging your audience is passed back from Sitecore Experience Platform to Sitecore Content Hub. Your team can use this data to make a decision about what content to create in the future.

Sitecore Experience Cloud, of which Sitecore Content Hub is an integral part, addresses the complete content life cycle.


sitecore experience cloud

Sitecore Experience Cloud addresses the complete content life cycle

Benefits of Sitecore Content Hub

  • Aggregate content from multiple data sources and systems
  • Built on a new scalable platform called Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub
  • Management of content variations and team collaborations
  • Schema publishing engine and a data publisher
  • Streamline the processes for planning, creating, approving, and publishing content across all channels
  • Manage the workflow behind these process of creating, approving, and publishing content
  • Work collaboratively on content, with one unified platform for storage and management
  • Publish content out to the right channel, at the right time, to the right audience, in the right location
sitecore content hub

Aggregate and publish your brand content easily, at scale

Learn more about digital asset management and delivery:

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