Creating personas and user profiles for your core customer audience can help improve the way you solve problems for your customers online, deliver content that will be relevant and useful, and tailor website journeys that make a real difference.

A persona describes a fictional individual who is representative of a customer group. A persona will have details around age, job title, interests, location, and their goals and challenges as they relate to how your product or service offering can solve them. Personas are great for defining how you should approach website customer journey mapping, and helping to write customer-focused copy.

User profiles on the other hand use real data and customer behaviour that you see on your website. If you have an ecommerce website, for example, you could look at analytics that shows you high spenders, repeat customers, and passive browsers. You could then tailor content and user journeys for these three user segments.

Personas and user profiles can be used together to great effect to drive better content, better copy, and better customer journeys that result in a real impact to your bottom line.

The Codehouse team were able to quickly get to grips with all of our different and distinct service lines, understand our business drivers and succinctly articulate our different customer personas."
Argus Media

Need help with personas and profiles?

Whether you have a website or looking to redevelop one, and need help developing personas and user profiles, and setting up a customer journey map and content strategy that makes a real difference to your business, we'd love to talk.

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