In the age of products maturing over time and the increased breadth of products being created under a brand, organisations are faced with challenges.

These challenges are getting features and products to the market as quickly as possible and ensuring those features and products consistently represent the brand.

This is where Design System Management serves these challenges. The composition and management of a design system can vary based on maturity but reach both design and development.

Fundamentally, in the creation of a design system the focus is to identify and create brand guidance as well as a definition of the design language and User Interface components.

Design components are developed and documented from the perspective of usage and implementation.

How does design system management help?

So how does this help? By providing delivery teams with a single source of truth to build products from. This facilitates the scalability of your design solutions and increases the velocity of features and products created.

Design system management

Elements are designed in context of one another

The quality and experience of digital touchpoints is a direct representation of a brand’s product, and/or service. Ultimately, this is how user's perceive quality.

Design system management ensure designs and solutions meet the guidance and usage from the system. This gives your organisation and brand a high quality and consistent digital representation.

Design System: The glue that holds your digital brand together

Alex Race, Senior Customer Experience Manager at APM Terminals, talks about the benefits of a design system.


Taken from the interview Digital Resiliency in a Changing World.

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