Digital marketing generates a lot data which can easily become overwhelming and difficult to understand.

We believe that all your important data should be surfaced in a structured and simple way. This is where data visualisation comes in. We primarily work with Google Analytics or Google Data Studio but we're open to considering any other platform of you might prefer.

Having made sure your tracking and analytics are correctly set up and that you're collecting the right data, we can build custom dashboards for you. These show all your important data from multiple sources in a clear and simple format.

Creating data visualisations makes it easier to identify trends of visitor behaviour.

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The surfaced information is much easier to understand and can be easily shared with non-technical stakeholders. We create data visualisation dashboards based on pre-agreed metrics and other key information relevant to your business.

Google Data Studio shows your website’s data in real time which helps with accuracy in your planning.

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Featured work
Featured work
wagamama takeout case study

Increase in sales for award winning wagamama take-out

wagamama take-out’s challenge was to create an overall better customer experience online to improve website conversion and operationally create a site that was easier to maintain and manage.


increase in traffic