We take a consultative approach that involves working closely with relevant stakeholders to firmly understand your business goals and objectives.

Our experienced consultants use a range of professional digital marketing tools to carry out audits, review the performance of your digital channels and analyse the competitor landscape. We rely on findings from activities mentioned above to shape a digital marketing strategy that is focused on achieving your desired results. Through comprehensive research and analysis, we provide data driven insights that enable better strategic decision making.

Codehouse Digital Marketing Review

As part of the Digital Marketing Review, we provide tailored consultancy around a combination of Analytics accounts set up and review, Google Tag Manager implementation, SEO and data visualisation through Google Data Studio.


Digital framework 


The Digital Marketing Review service also includes:

  • High-level business review
  • Conversion process review
  • SEO and Analytics Audits
  • Creation of a measurement framework
  • Data visualisation

If the full Digital Marketing review is not for you, we'll provide standalone services tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch and we can discuss the best solutions for you.

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