What does Digital Optimisation mean?

A website lives and breathes. It can't be left alone to deliver all the desired results mapped out in the strategy phase. Digital optimisation helps ensure your website continues to thrive and to deliver the outcomes you need to achieve for your customers and your organisation.

What do we do help you stay on top of your game?

The job of delivering an effective website extends beyond what is seen on the page. Your customers find you through your online and offline presence, and when they reach your website they expect you to respond based on how they found you.

Our digital experience specialists will take you on a journey so you can maximise your business benefits. From improving your website’s performance in search engine rankings to delivering personalised experiences to customers based on triggered campaigns, historical visits and more. Our approach is tailored towards what works for you and your business. Your digital potential is tailored to your level of digital maturity with the aim of moving you along the digital maturity scale. We do this by understanding what you need to achieve, and making it easy to implement and then measure long-term results. We work with you your way. By building capability, setting up best practice processes or providing ongoing support as and where needed. At Codehouse, our goal is for your business to deliver extraordinary customer experiences and to increase revenue.

Filling the knowledge gaps

We equip your content and marketing teams with the knowledge of enabling your website's marketing features so you can optimise your content and start achieving measurable results.

We'll train your content teams on building pages and offer 24/7 round-the-clock support - all with the aim of increasing your business’s productivity, achieving your digital goals and giving you peace-of-mind.

What you can achieve

Tracking results icon

Measure your website's engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Know your visitor icon

Identify and understand visitor behaviour and deliver personalised experiences.

Build digital capacity icon

Automate and align marketing and sales funnel activity.

Training icon

Fill knowledge gaps through training by our Digital Experience team.

Need guidance on your digital strategy?

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