When it comes to your website and your digital marketing, how do you really know what might work and what won't? Guesswork? Opinion? Gut feel? Surely it's better to base your decision on real data.

That's where A/B testing and multivariate testing can help.

A/B testing (split testing) and multivariate testing allows you to determine the effectiveness of copy, imagery, content, design, and functionality - with analysts and data to back it up.

By creating two different, or multiple, versions of a web page, email design, call to action, buy button - the list is endless - and collecting and analysing data on the performance of each version, you can quickly see what works best for customers, and which delivers best against your marketing and business goals.

A/B testing and multivariate testing allows your organisation to become completely customer-centric when it comes to marketing, which means better customer experiences, and better results.

Ready to take the test?

Whether it's for a new website, to fix the customer journey on an existing website, or to test what's going to work for your upcoming digital marketing campaign, we can help.