Track your visitors’ journeys

Tracking and measuring goals and campaigns brings a deeper understanding of visitor behaviour. It enables you to hone the user experience and to better understand which campaigns are effective and what the user journeys are to key conversion points (goals).

Align strategic objectives to digital goals by creating goals with engagement value points in Sitecore. Assign goals to pages and to in-page actions like submitting a form to measure the engagement value your visitors generate though their journeys.

Like goals, Sitecore's campaign tracking tool is great for monitoring visitor activity. If you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously that point to the same landing page, you can measure each campaign in Sitecore based on activities and channels.

Get started straight away

Setting up goals and campaigns is relatively straight forward. But before anything gets added to Sitecore planning is needed. At Codehouse, we provide valuable digital strategy expertise and guidance through the planning process, implementation, and beyond.

Track and measure visitor engagement

Get started with goals and campaigns.