A positive experience exceeds a 'retail smile'

Customers are a lot more demanding. A positive experience now comes from bricks and mortar transactions, call centres and the web.

Improve the customer experience and nurture your leads by using marketing automation. Sitecore’s Engagement Plan feature (Marketing Automation interface in XP9.x) is a powerful nurturing tool that tracks visitors and sends automated actions at different stages of their journey.


To synchronise data, integrating your CRM and other essential business systems with Sitecore means that visitor information and triggered communications are stored in your CRM. This streamlines data flow and enhances the ability to improve the customer experiences from start to finish - through timely and relevant communications.

To get your marketing automation in Sitecore off the ground you’ll need expert guidance. Our digital strategy consultants will put you on the path to achieving your digital goals while maintaining customer happiness.


90% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator


The benefits of automation

  • Capture and nurture leads
  • Increase customer retention
  • Personalise targeted content
  • Send timely comms
  • Increase opportunity to up/cross sell
  • Build customer loyalty
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