Know your visitors and your visitors will know you

A constant challenge for marketers is “who’s visiting my site and what content are they consuming?”  Our expert digital strategists will ensure you overcome this challenge by creating personas and supporting attributes in Sitecore.

With a coherent content strategy in place and profiles mapped to relevant web pages, your Sitecore website will move to another level. You’ll be able to enable Sitecore’s personalisation features so the right visitors experience content relevant to them - at the right time.

Reduce bounce rates and increase conversions

Determining personas is a complex process requiring a deep understanding of your customer base and of Sitecore. At Codehouse, we’ve helped our customers on this journey, from discovery to Sitecore enablement. In all instances, our customers have benefited from lower bounce rates and increased conversions.

Six steps to creating profiles/personas

  • Translate customer base into profiles/personas
  • Determine personalisation zones
  • Finalise content strategy
  • Build profiles/personas in Sitecore
  • Map Profile cards to content
  • Set personalisation rules in Sitecore

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