Consumer demand and service expectations are on the rise. With over 1 billion buyers online worldwide (and growing), your online shop needs to work efficiently to meet demand and exceed expectations. It needs to make your products attractive, generate sales and encourage repeat business by ensuring the customer experience is maximised.

Achieving success

One of the factors that drives successful ecommerce is using customer insights to optimise the customer journey. This leads to conversion. It increases basket sizes with cross-selling and upselling opportunities driven by profiling, personalisation and testing.

Sitecore Commerce and single customer view

Sitecore has powerful ecommerce packages that enable marketers to use Sitecore with real-time order management on a multi-channel level. Optimising customer experiences based on visitors’ online behaviour, preferences and browsing devices, results in tailored online experiences that give marketers a single customer view of visitor behaviour. The more customer touchpoints and insights you can gather and join up, the more of a connected view of your customers you’ll have.


Even if you don’t opt for Sitecore’s commerce packages, Sitecore is flexible and powerful enough to integrate with your existing ecommerce and supporting infrastructure. Integrating your essential business systems like your CRM and payment gateway with Sitecore can will help your business generate sales.

Whether you have a shop on the high street, online or both, the customer experience counts. To get your ecommerce website up and running you need a tech savvy partner with the right expertise. We’ve worked with big organisations. We've been there and done it. With complex ecommerce integration expertise in PayPal, WorldPay Datacash, Oracle, Single Customer View and more, we’re the right choice to marry your Sitecore website with your external ecommerce infrastructure and get your online shop off the ground.