If your Sitecore website isn’t fulfilling your expectations, you’re not alone.

In our experience, it’s not uncommon to see Sitecore websites in need of some attention - mainly because not many agencies have the technical or strategic expertise to make a Sitecore website work properly, and they don't know Sitecore as well as we do.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Outdated site architecture, leading to performance issues
  • No governance (workflows) to ensure your content production is moderated
  • Disabled analytics, which means that you’re not getting valuable insights into visitor behaviour
  • Team knowledge gaps, which can result in slow productivity
  • Lack of integration, meaning that your external systems are siloed
  • Not using Sitecore's powerful marketing features...

Sitecore Website Review

Our Sitecore solution assessment focuses on five key areas:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Code Review
  • XP Readiness
  • User Experience (UX) and content review

Enable Sitecore's marketing tools

Start benefiting from Sitecore's marketing features.

  • Track and measure visitor engagement
  • Track and measure campaign activity
  • Define personas
  • Apply personalisation
  • Define user journeys 

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