A community can provide you with ideas and feedback directly from your customers on your current and future products or services.

A community can help to lower support costs – you only have to answer a question once and huge numbers of customers can see it, as well as enabling your customers to help one another.

And when used internally within your organisation, a community can enhance team productivity, communication, and collaboration.

Sitecore + Telligent - a powerful combination!

Organisations choose Sitecore as their website platform because of its user-friendly CMS, personalisation capabilities, 360-degree customer interaction view, and all the great digital marketing tools such as marketing automation, email management, and multivariate testing of content – all of which drives a better digital experience for your customers.

Imagine combining that with the power of a community.

Using Telligent’s community software, you can enhance your Sitecore website with forums, blogs, wikis, and other community capabilities to create even more dynamic and interactive experiences for your customers.

Telligent – one of our marketing technology partners – powers online communities for global brands including Dell, Microsoft, Oxfam, Rackspace, Sage, and Titleist.

Just like Sitecore, Telligent is built on the Microsoft .NET platform, so integration with your Sitecore website is a breeze, and it can be run both on-premise or in the cloud. It can run directly and deliver social applications and services along with user-generated content within Sitecore, or you can run it side-by-side – it’s really up to you.

Fully optimised for search engines, Telligent Community is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Telligent community features

The Telligent Community platform comes with a wide range of applications and features designed to help you easily create and manage the experience you want for your community, including Discussion forums, blogs, wikis, user profiles and more.

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Telligent will help you reduce support costs, enhance customer service, increase sales, grow brand affinity, and gain valuable insights into how your products and services are used and perceived.

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