It’s not uncommon for organisations with a Sitecore website to not be using all its features.

Organisations not fully using Sitecore to the utmost are missing out on valuable customer insights that can make a huge difference to customer experience, growth, and revenue - and we know that if you've chosen Sitecore as your web platform, then you'll have chosen it because of all it's fantastic personalisation and digital marketing features.

Our Sitecore Solution Assessment is an opportunity for you to find out what needs addressing as part of you Sitecore strategy, so you can be more efficient, productive and reactive. It includes:

  • Solution Technical Review
  • Information Architecture Review
  • Solution Architecture Review
  • Code Review (both front-end and back-end code base)
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Sitecore XP Readiness Review

The elements of the Solution Technical Review are fairly self-explanatory, providing an assessment of how your Sitecore solution has been configured, delivered and the back-end infrastructure is in place.

The Codehouse “Sitecore XP Readiness Review” assesses the current level of implementation and usability of the various elements of the Sitecore Experience Platform including, but not limited to, Workflows & Security, Analytics, SEO, Personalisation, Modules, and Marketing Tools.

We do not see a Sitecore Solution Assessment as a way to criticise the way other agencies have delivered Sitecore solutions, and we're conscious of the fact that Sitecore best-practice has developed over time - for example, a Sitecore website that was built more than a year ago would not follow ‘Helix’ principles, which are a set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development.

Also, just because a solution does not follow what Codehouse would consider best practice, we would not recommend re-developing your website unless there was a genuine and justifiable business reason for doing so. Ultimately, if your Sitecore website is delivering the intended experience, then this should be considered positive, and we would only recommend re-architecting at a suitable point in time, e.g. at a point when a re-design was justified.

The Sitecore Solution Assessment results in a series of reports with our findings and recommendations. We will be clear about any urgent remedial work that is required and can provide the report in such a way that it can be confidentially shared with your incumbent agency (if relevant), providing them with the opportunity to address any issues.

We can also offer a proposal to address the recommendations or, depending on the scale of the work required, will be happy to resolve any issues as part of the onboarding process.

We can then work closely with you to define and implement a successful Sitecore digital marketing and content road-map aimed at significantly improving your digital performance.

Are you getting the most out of Sitecore?

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Discover our Sitecore services