Knowing your way around your Sitecore website is important. Filling Sitecore knowledge gaps empowers your Sitecore content teams to build pages quickly and easily use Sitecore’s Content Editor and Experience Editor.

Through tailored, in-depth and flexible Sitecore training, your content teams will thrive. They'll become more confident using Sitecore, will trouble shoot content related problems and will share their know-how with other team members. Most importantly though, is they’ll become more productive, meaning that essential content will get to market much quicker.

We’re confident that the right Sitecore training will make your content teams Sitecore savvy.

Training was excellent. The sessions were hands on, non-judgemental and relaxed. Everything made perfect sense.
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Need Sitecore training?

Whether we built your Sitecore website or someone else did, we can help you get under the skin of how to use Sitecore in the best way for you, and train your team to make the best of it.

Discover our Sitecore services
Discover our Sitecore services