As a B2B marketer, you'll be employing a variety of channels and techniques to drive leads into your business - whether through PR, attendance at events and exhibitions, driving traffic to your website through PPC or social media advertising, or concentrating on inbound marketing by creating content of real value to your potential customers.

Ultimately, you want people to visit your website, learn more about you and your products or services, and pick up the phone and get in touch with you.

But how do you know which companies have visited your website, how many times they've visited, which pages they've seen - and therefore which companies are warmer leads than others and worthy of more qualification or focus through account-based marketing efforts?

Leadfeeder is a tool that uses your Google Analytics data to show you all of that, helping you to pass warm leads onto your sales team for initial contact or follow-up.

We can help you set up and make the best of this lead generation tool, including integrating it with your Google Adwords and social media accounts, and email and CRM systems, to give you even deeper understanding of what content and which channels are working best for your organisation.

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Lead generation technology that shows you which companies visit your website, and who is ripe for contact from your business development team or might need specialised account-based marketing efforts, will help you drive hotter leads into your revenue pipeline.

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