The best B2B marketing automation solution for Salesforce customers

Built on the world’s most intelligent CRM and powered by AI, Pardot is the #1 B2B marketing automation tool for organisations with Salesforce.

Pardot helps you find and nurture more leads, generate more high-quality leads and nurture them until sales-ready, and close more deals.

Pardot lets you equip sales with the right tools to connect with the best leads and close deals faster, maximise marketing ROI, and measure and optimise campaign performance.

Three indicators that Pardot is a great fit:

  1. You’re a B2B organisation that wants to seamlessly connect sales and marketing teams
  2. You want to use your website as a lead generation tool, automate marketing processes and track ROI
  3. You have an existing Salesforce footprint and need a better way to attract and convert qualified leads

If you tick any or all of those boxes then Pardot is for you.

Maybe you’re a sales leader looking to generator more pipeline, get better prospect insights, and real-time notifications to prioritise the hottest leads. Or you might be a marketer, who wants to find new customers, align with sales, and use your website as a lead generation tool. Pardot is by Salesforce for Salesforce – the #1 marketing automation solution for Salesforce customers.

For IT professionals, it’s all about easy integration, automation, and to drive increased adoption. Pardot is fast to deploy and easy to manage.

As a business leader and board member you’re looking to have all teams focused on revenue, and marketing ROI. Pardot gives you shared pipeline visibility, collaborative lead generation and nurture, and alignment to the same goals and metrics.

Our team of Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants and specialists

We have a team of Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants and Specialists, with many years of experience working with marketing automation and CRM, who are ready to help when you make the decision to implement and work with Pardot.

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Our Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants can help you:

  • Identify and understand your current marketing to sales strategy
  • Map customer goals to Pardot features
  • Recommend automation processes to achieve business objectives
  • Recommend Pardot tools and features, such as Salesforce Engage and Pardot Einstein, to implement marketing to sales strategy
  • Develop and recommend a data and content migration strategy
  • Analyse your existing lead generation / nurturing / qualification strategy and make recommendations for translating into Pardot
  • Analyse data generated in Pardot reporting tools to make recommendations
  • Set up and interpret reports and dashboards in B2B Marketing Analytics
  • Develop and administer integration between Pardot and Salesforce

Once you’re up and running with Pardot, our Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialists can help you:

  • Get to grips with the capabilities of the Pardot platform
  • Understand the lifecycle of visitors to prospects
  • Create and manage Pardot marketing assets, automation, and workflows
  • Interpret metrics from Engagement History and create dashboards in B2B Marketing Analytics
  • Troubleshoot and solve platform issues

How can we help?

If you already have Salesforce CRM and you’re looking to invest in Pardot to bring sales and marketing together to improve your lead generation, pipeline, and bottom line, we can help you get it set up, integrated, and get you running your own email and engagement campaigns in no time.

If you’re curious as to what Pardot can do, and don’t have Salesforce CRM, we can advise on your best course of action. Whether you’re you’ve been with Salesforce a while or are completely new to it, we can help.

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