Site search not only gives you valuable information, such as how many people use your site search, what search terms they've entered, and what they eventually click on from the search results, but it can also deepen your relationship with customers.

Most out-of-the-box site search functions return results based on how many times a certain keyword or keyphrase is mentioned within a page on your website. For example, the more times a keyword appears in the copy, the more relevant site search believes that page to be, and so this page will appear at the top of the search results.

But this doesn't mean it's the most relevant page for the visitor.

Having an intelligent and predictive site search engine, such as Coveo, means your brand can provide the most relevant information to your audience, based on which pages people click on most.

Sitecore Boost Values, a special feature that comes as part of the Sitecore Experience Platform, can also help deliver more relevant site search results, by allowing you to decide which pages will be more relevant to your visitors based on the words they search for, pushing those pages to the top of results to help improve site engagement.

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Intelligent site search will give you valuable insight into what your visitors are looking for, and give you the opportunity to drive better customer engagement with better search results.

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