We work with customers on challenging projects that require complex integration skills and expertise. We look for new ways to advance our customers' digital strategy using a data-driven approach where every interaction is an insight with the potential of improving the customer experience.

Sitecore's 360-degree view

Sitecore XP has out-of-the-box functionality that provides a SCV or a 360-degree view of visitor behaviour. The Experience Profile is a slick interface that drills down every visitor's interactions with your website - from the triggering of goals and campaigns to profile matches, geolocation and social channels. Insights to influence user journeys and engagement will prove to be invaluable.

Connecting the disconnected

Integration is key to ’total’ SCV. By integrating your CMS with your essential business systems like CRM and Ecommerce infrastructure your data becomes free from being isolated in different systems. With everything under one roof your business’s long-term costs will reduce, productivity will increase, and your data streamlined - putting you in the optimum position to offer a seamless customer experience while achieving your strategic goals.

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