Transforming web content into a PDF is one click away.

The Web-to-PDF module from Codehouse enables your site visitors to save, share and take home the latest content from your website.

The content on your website can be transformed into PDF files using only a single click, so your visitors always get access to the latest versions of articles, case stories, product descriptions, etc. The Web-to-PDF module gives them the freedom to save, distribute or print for later use. The layout of the PDF is 100% flexible and can easily be designed to support your Corporate Identity or include additional information.

The module equips each of your website’s pages with an icon that, when clicked, instantly generates a PDF using the content from that page. Using 'on-the-fly' PDF file generation, this module differentiates from many current websites' 'download a PDF' button, behind which PDF files have to be created in a separate process making them static and soon outdated. With the Codehouse Web-to-PDF module, when the content on the site is updated the very next PDF generated by a visitor includes the updated text.

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