Upgrading to Sitecore's latest version gives you brand new features to keep delivering bigger and better digital experiences.

Every new Sitecore version has added tools, features, and functionality that meet consumer demand, so that your brand is able to deliver a modern customer experience that delights and has a huge impact on your bottom line.

If you’re still using legacy versions of Sitecore, such as Sitecore 6, Sitecore 7, or Sitecore 8, you won’t be able to integrate multiple systems and data sources, or take advantage of Sitecore's ecommerce features, and you’re missing out on improved ways to deliver personalised customer experiences.

If you don't go through with a Sitecore upgrade, then you will get left behind. It's as simple as that.

Sitecore 9. More features. Better marketing.

Sitecore 9 - the latest version of Sitecore - has a load of features that enable you to better achieve your business and digital marketing goals. If you're a marketer who wants to take advantage of the clean design and customer data that enables context marketing, an upgrade to Sitecore 9 is vital. What you get with Sitecore 9...

  • Complete experience management capabilities
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Opportunity to integrate web content with commerce and product cataloguing functionality (requires Sitecore commerce)
  • New slick drag-and-drop forms
  • Federated authentication and marketing automation enhancements

These fantastic changes that you get as part of a Sitecore upgrade to the latest version, mean you can spend less time creating content and setting up automation processes, and more time gaining valuable insights to drive better marketing results.

A Sitecore upgrade is a sensible and important investment - and it’s essential to choose a Sitecore agency who understands the complexities and challenges of Sitecore upgrades, and has been there and done it. That's why you need to talk to us.

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