Upgrading to Sitecore's latest and greatest version will help you deliver on your online ambitions.

A Sitecore upgrade gives you more features

Sitecore 9 has a lot of features that enable you to achieve your business and digital goals. Machine-learning, backwards compatibility and data centralisation are some of the key features. In addition, slick drag-and-drop forms and marketing automation interfaces mean you can spend less time creating content and automation processes, and more time gaining valuable insights.

Sitecore's powerful analytics, measures and tracks visitor journeys. It has an intuitive user interface that streamlines content creation so that your content teams can get essential marketing initiatives out there a lot sooner.

Upgrading is a sensible and an important investment. It’s essential to choose a Sitecore partner who understands the complexities and challenges of Sitecore upgrades. Our expertise guarantees the reliability, security and stability of your Sitecore website isn’t compromised.

Some common upgrade related questions

Contact us about an upgrade

Get in touch with us to discuss your Sitecore upgrade options. We can highlight the benefits and help build a compelling business case for an upgrade to version 9 of Sitecore.