Digital Asset Management is the process of storing and managing digital assets in one location.

Digital asset management can become a minefield and ultimately affect the efficiency of content teams and marketers. as images are dispersed on various devices and managed through various workstreams. That’s where Sitecore Content Hub can help.

What is Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub is the ‘hub’ where all digital assets are stored. It’s an all-encompassing system that helps marketing teams store, manage, curate, plan, deliver, monitor and measure content for all channels. It provides a 360-degree view of all content and has collaborative features that ensure efficiency, meaning that marketers can get content to market much quicker.

Sitecore Content Hub delivers structure and workflows, which are essential in delivering marketing and content strategies.

It integrates with the Sitecore Experience Cloud (Sitecore XP and Sitecore Experience Commerce). This allows your business to improve customer relationships and drive conversions by managing the complete content life cycle.

Content Hub has 5 main components:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Marketing Resource Management (MRM)
  • Content Marketing Platform (CMP)
  • Product Content Management (PCM)
  • Sitecore W2P (Web-to-Print)

Sitecore content hub components

Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) stores digital media files like images, videos, PDFs, etc. in a single location. It provides easy access to marketing assets so they can be managed, categorised, and shared more efficiently. Content can be categorised for easier search, it can be reviewed and validated by content teams, and digital assets can be shared across the organisation. As well as integrating with Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce, Sitecore DAM also integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) in Sitecore Content Hub platforms support and measure marketing operations. MRMs are a powerful resource that streamline the entire strategic marketing process. They enable marketing teams to effectively plan and project manage entire marketing strategies. Sitecore MRM uses advanced, robust and intuitive content mediation and approval management to meet production targets assigned to marketing teams. The whole process is monitored and measured in MRM performance dashboards that display insightful data for marketers to measure success and to further streamline the marketing process.

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

The Sitecore Content Marketing Platform in Sitecore Content Hub is ideal for planning and distributing your content in line with your content strategy. Sitecore CMP has a collection of tools help assign resources and collaboratively review and moderate your omnichannel content flow through assigned workflows.

Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM)

Sitecore Product Content Management is ideal for ecommerce websites with a large stock inventory, Sitecore PCM manages the customer facing product information in your inventory. This include products descriptions, media assets, product benefits, reviews, international content and more.

Sitecore W2P (Web-to-Print)

There’s always a need for printed documents, whether it be product information, price lists or promotional material. Sitecore W2P uses web content to generate print ready documents like product sheets. Because collateral is created using existing web content, design time is significantly reduced This increases productivity, reduces costs and helps maintain the corporate identity.

As well as being trained in Sitecore Content Hub, we also have many years of experience integrating different systems with Sitecore, including DAM, that have driven cost savings and real business benefits.

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