Marketing Automation can enable your businesses to achieve its marketing objectives by nurturing your contacts.

Using Marketing Automation in the Sitecore Experience Platform delivers seamless and measurable email automation.

Nurture contacts with Sitecore Marketing Automation

Marketing automation in Sitecore is a powerful nurturing tool that manages real-time automated responses to users at different stages of their digital journey.

Accessible from Sitecore’s main dashboard/launch pad, Marketing Automation has a drag-and-drop canvas where marketers can map out campaigns using Default Elements, Marketing Actions, Listeners, Decision Points and other elements.

75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool.

During a user journey Sitecore Enrolls and Evaluates contacts and Executes real-time automated actions like sending emails, based on defined triggers and rules. like sending a reminder email if a purchase isn’t completed after a specified time frame.

Marketing automation canvas

Marketers can make data driven decisions from valuable insights in campaign analytics. There are various metrics of campaign activity:

  • Current and total contacts in campaign elements
  • The number of contacts currently in a campaign
  • The number of contacts currently in a selected element of a campaign

Marketing Automation in Sitecore is available from version 8 onwards. If you have an earlier version of Sitecore, automation is managed in The Engagement Plan interface.

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