Receiving a service considered to be personal to us makes us feel that extra bit special. For instance, when you walk into a retail outlet a good sales person will begin analysing you from the moment you walk through the door.

This is done in an attempt to build a picture of your profile. After striking up a rapport and gathering more information from the opening exchange the sales person will then show you products that match your needs.

Online personalisation with Sitecore works in a similar way. Whereas in the ‘offline’ environment the sales person meets the customer's needs, in the online world it is Sitecore's Digital Marketing System (DMS) that is the engine behind personalisation. Sitecore DMS, an out-of-the-box solution, encompasses many features, in particular, real-time personalisation, that have been designed to help businesses build more engaging websites.

In the Sitecore DMS, rules based personalisation can be applied based on conditions like keywords, locations, pages visited, triggered goals and more. Relevant content is then assigned and displayed in real-time when conditions have been met by a website visitor. Sitecore DMS also uses implicit personalisation. This is based on pre-defined profiles and patterns assigned to content items. With implicit personalisation contextually relevant content is served in real-time according to browsing paths and visitor behaviour on the site.

Here at Codehouse we have embraced personalisation. We have applied our Sitecore skills to implement personalisation not only to our own website, but also to many of the multiple award winning Sitecore websites we have developed for our clients.

Our Sitecore personalisation services aim to help your business leverage Sitecore DMS so that a real-time personalised and engaging online journey is experienced by your customers. Examples of the Sitecore personalisation Codehouse has delivered includes:

Monarch Airlines

  • 2014 Best Use of Web Personalisation
  • 2014 Best DMS Deployment/Integration
  • 2013 Sitecore Site of the Year UK Overall Winner
  • 2013 Best DMS Deployment/Integration
  • 2013 Best Travel & Hospitality

Our team of UK based Sitecore experts has helped Monarch Airlines to leverage Sitecore DMS to serve extensive personalised content against flight search and bookings activity. Personalisation also extends to personalised flight, holiday, villa, hotel search panel and pricing grids on Monarch's home page, all of which can be set up via Sitecore's Page Editor. In addition, the Codehouse team implemented support of automatic relevancy based personalisation against LUCENE.NET search.


  • 2013 Best Manufacturing, Automotive & Technology

Our UK based Sitecore development team helped Zuken to create and assign personalisation rules to its home page so that relevant content is served when particular criteria are met. This includes profiles, personas and GEO-IP.