Are you getting the most out of Sitecore? It’s not uncommon for businesses to not be using all its features.

In fact, only 5-10% of Sitecore's digital marketing and customer insight capability is used. This means businesses not fully using Sitecore are missing out on valuable customer insights that can make a huge difference to growth and revenue. A Sitecore Solution Assessment can help.

Assessment is an opportunity to find out what needs addressing in your Sitecore website so you can be more efficient, productive and reactive.

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With a best practice approach and a deep understanding of the Sitecore Experience Platform, we’re perfectly placed to deliver an honest assessment and follow that through with a manageable road map to improve your website and your digital capability.

  • Technical appraisal
  • 67-point XP Readiness check: Highlights Sitecore features not used and identifies opportunities

Benefits of a solution assessment

Gaps are identified in key areas that when filled will enable you to consolidate your Sitecore enabled digital strategy and to increase growth and revenue. We present our findings in a detailed document with recommendations that will drive long-term strategy. We then work closely with you to define and implement a successful road map aimed at significantly improving your digital performance and agility.

At Codehouse, we have a track record of successfully assessing many Sitecore websites for customers spanning various industries. In each case, we've guided, advised, mentored and trained customers to get the very best from Sitecore’s marketing tools.

  • Improve your business performance and productivity
  • Achieve your digital goals
  • Create exceptional customer experiences
  • Increase your revenues

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Featured work
Featured work
The AA case study

Transformation project increases revenue and online traffic

The AA's digital transformation program involved the re-development of five key sections with the aim of generating demand for products, driving cost savings, improving the customer experience, exposing The AA to a wider audience and differentiates the AA brand.


increase in traffic