Increase visitor engagement & conversions with Spindoctor for Umbraco CMS.

Spindoctor, a module for the open source .NET content management system Umbraco, is a behavioural targeting solution which offers marketers the ability to manage and configure behavioural targeting and personalisation on the Umbraco CMS.

With Spindoctor you can segment your website visitors into user groups with profile attributes. These profile attributes, which include personas, are then assigned (based on relevance) to the appropriate pages throughout your Umbraco website.

Umbraco Spindoctor

As visitors browse your Umbraco website Spindoctor builds a picture of active segments and also automatically builds a profile of each visitor. Spindoctor then uses pre-defined triggers to serve real-time personalised content on pre-prepared dynamic Umbraco web pages.

This addition to Umbraco CMS provides marketers with the opportunity to increase visitor engagement and conversions.

If you are interested in Spindoctor for your Umbraco website then get in touch.