Back in the day

In 2005 Codehouse was born. While Sitecore and Umbraco were finding their feet, our two main directors began establishing Codehouse.

Being experts in business and website development they wanted to build Web Content Management Systems that were flexible and robust enough to meet the demands of the evolving digital and business world. Sitecore and Umbraco fitted the bill perfectly; one, a licensed CMS (Sitecore) that catered up to enterprise class businesses, the other an open source CMS (Umbraco) that suited small to medium sized businesses.

And so the scene was set...


Breaking the mould and striving forward

In 2006, we became one of the first Sitecore partners in the UK. Shortly after, we earned Microsoft Gold Partner status and became an Umbraco Certified Partner. Since then, we've grown massively. We have a large and dedicated team of experts that work tirelessly for our customers, we've gone through three London office moves (each one bringing a bigger space), and have established locations in Sri Lanka and Australia.

We offer additional services like digital strategy, design and web optimisation, have won loads of awards, and are one of the few Sitecore Platinum Partners in the UK.

Since those early years Codehouse 3.0 now has more more experience and technical expertise. We're servicing more customers and enabling them to get the very best from their websites. We also have more mouths to feed at Christmas parties and summer days out.

Not bad for an agency of humble beginnings...

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