Product Owner

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and talented Product Owner to join our evolving team of Product Managers & Specialists, working on cutting-edge platform development projects, both for our customers and our evolving digital product suite.

To be suited to this role, you will be an excellent problem solver, curious and inquisitive in nature, with great communication skills, with a passion for technology and product development.

To be outstanding in this role, you will also have excellent business acumen and be able to bring strategic thinking to product development which enables you and your team to deliver ground-breaking results for your customers.

About the role

Codehouse is a leading digital agency specialising in the development of enterprise level public-facing web platforms, bespoke back office applications, APIs and system integration, as well as being an industry leading provider of consultancy services for end to end digital strategy, digital marketing, and operational support.

As part of the product team you will be engaging directly with our customers understanding their needs and isolating what will deliver value in their solution. This will include tying business processes together, introducing efficiencies, innovating, and developing digital strategies. Our ethos is centred around developing the highest quality digital products which provide a great user experience and genuine return-on-investment for our customers.

Product development at the enterprise level is a highly collaborative endeavour and our experts, whether that be architects, developers, UX designers, UI engineers, quality assurance engineers, project governance professionals, or consultants are passionate about delivering excellent experiences to customers.

Daily life for a Product Owner is heavily focused around team collaboration, often together with customers, ensuring that the strategy, design and development teams are enabled to continuously deliver against specifications. When not strategising with customers, creating product roadmaps, or running workshops, Product Owners own and manage the various product backlogs, together with Business Analysts, producing the living documentation, Epics and User Stories throughout the various stages of the Product Development Lifecycle.

Our product development teams work on customer accounts and our product portfolio, constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to business/experience problems, drawing on expertise from our many specialists in the digital domain.

Some of our development roadmaps for customers involve the evolution of an existing or inherited platform where the focus is around continuous improvement in-line with business objectives and the digital goals, both long and short term. On such engagements, Product Owners adopt the role of “Solution Expert” and create and manage a backlog based around “business as usual” requirements. In such engagements, there are frequently new opportunities that arise and Product Owners are expected to capture and progress the opportunity with the commercial leads.

A cornerstone of the Codehouse philosophy is quality; Product Owners are overall-responsible for the output quality and as such, work alongside our development teams and quality assurance engineers through tight and rigorous processes ensuring that features are fully production-ready.

Joining part of the Codehouse family, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to influence and enact change, whether that be in terms of process, toolset, methodology or strategy. Collaboration with peers to evolve the Product Development specialism, as a team, is required and encouraged, which is a great opportunity for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, passionate and experienced individual to become part of, and shape, a great team.


The majority of our processes in the product management domain are based around Atlassian Jira and Confluence systems, however we are constantly exploring new collaboration and productivity tools and technologies that our colleagues promote and wish to try.

For development stacks and platforms, our solutions are frequently based on the Sitecore Experience Platform, also Umbraco, Contentful and SalesForce. In general, the .NET framework as the underlying technology, coupled with an assortment of frontend frameworks suitable for the solution.

In almost all cases, our solutions integrate with third party platforms, including and not limited to, MS Dynamics, Hubspot, Pardot, Google, MailChimp, SAP, WorldPay, PayPal etc. as well as many bespoke back-office systems. All of our solutions have Cloud Infrastructure adoption, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

Requirements for the role

  • Strong candidates will have a demonstrable track-record of being successful in a product development role, particularly a leadership role involving working with multiple stakeholders across different organisational levels.
  • One of our primary strengths as a product innovation consultancy and digital agency is the in-depth and advanced nature in which we understand and implement technology, a passion and advanced understanding of technologies, tools and development practices is essential.
  • Having worked in product development lifecycles, ideal candidates will be able to explain, advise, inform and evolve product development practices within the team, and will have a strong understanding of development methodologies, including Agile.
  • Experience and success with working in, and leading, a team of highly skilled individuals across a broad range of digital specialisms. Candidates are required to be strong people managers, leaders and influencers, leading from the front whilst empowering and building strong working relationships.
  • Candidates must be excellent and confident communicators, speaking fluent English. 
  • A commercial awareness, from moderate to strong, is a requirement for the role. Typical scenarios requiring such skills include noticing and capturing opportunities, as well as being involved in the estimation process for feature development.
  • You must have current and valid eligibility to work in the UK.


  • Experience of Sitecore, Umbraco or another enterprise level content management system specifically is beneficial to candidates, however training (dedicated as well as “on the job”) is provided ongoing as required.
  • Experience of any of the technologies listed above is preferred, due to the frequency of inclusion in solutions.
  • Experience of working with agile delivery teams and developing process which enable high quality solutions.
  • Experience in measuring and reporting value in line with customer goals to determine approaches that maximise value to customers and evaluate the success of products and product development.

What success looks like

Ideation and creation of systems that enable and optimise the seamless interaction between end-user and business process is second nature to a successful Product Owner. To be successful in the role, individuals will establish strong working relationships with stakeholders, sponsors, team members and general colleagues. We believe that a success-oriented Product Owner with a long-term vision is both able to delve into the detail as well as take a step back and assess the bigger picture, this considered, continued and thorough capture of requirements, documentation and creation of user stories/feature tracking is expected to be maintained at the highest standard. Strategic planning with stakeholders and team members is also a fundamental part of the role, ensuring that customers and stakeholders are taken on the journey and fully bought into and involved in the decision making process.

Successful Product Owners not only drive customer deliveries and product development programmes, they are routine contributors to thought leadership and excellence activities as well as development of the overall product function within Codehouse.

Codehouse is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. This means that all job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origins, or disability or age.

Codehouse offer competitive salaries based on experience and skills, as well as providing competitive employee benefits including private healthcare insurance (with dental and optical), employers pension contributions.

Please note that we are not interested in hearing from recruitment agencies.

Do you have what it takes?