As a multi-award winning Sitecore Partner we strive towards improving our customers’ Sitecore websites so they can deliver the best possible digital experiences.

One way of doing so is through personalised collateral. Through Sitecore’s Print Experience Manager (PXM) your marketing and design teams can use Sitecore with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and Creative Suite to create personalised material for your customers, directly from Sitecore. This would improve the customer experience and streamline your business’s design capabilities.

To seamlessly integrate Adobe InDesign, InCopy and Creative Suite with Sitecore’s PXM, we’ve established a partnership with Adobe. This collaboration ensures your business gets the very best from Sitecore, Adobe, and of course, from Codehouse.

With PXM your Sitecore website can:

  • Deliver impactful PDFs with tailored messaging
  • Bring about cost savings on print and production
  • Target additional messages into documents by including special offers or events depending on where your customers are in the sales cycle
  • Provide specific insight about products and services that matter to each customer
  • Build a profile of each customer by understanding the content that has the most value to them

We’ve integrated PXM with Sitecore and have seen first-hand its incredible benefits.

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