Every business needs to keep up with customer demands - one of which is them being able to find things online quickly and easily. Intelligent and predictive search achieves this by providing the most relevant information based on search queries.

Integrating intelligent and predictive search with your Sitecore website can improve the user experience. As a multi-award winning Sitecore Partner we’re always looking to improve the performance of our customers’ Sitecore websites.

To add another value added facet to our skillset, we’ve established a partnership with Coveo, a provider of intelligent and predictive search technologies that can be integrated with your Sitecore website.

With Coveo integrated with your Sitecore website you can:

  • Deliver engaging digital experiences on any application or device
  • Improve data security
  • Deliver relevant information
  • Improve business performance

Our collaboration with Coveo allows us to use our broad Sitecore integration expertise to refine and improve your existing (and potential) customers’ digital experiences.

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