Aug 18, 2021




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Aug 18, 2021




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Are you aligning keywords to your personas?

Every website caters for a customer/visitor type. Whatever story you're telling, and product or service you're offering, your content needs to resonate with your target audience.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

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lines of folding chairs
lines of folding chairs

Your content and SEO strategy should include user personas. A persona is a fictional character that represents a visitor/customer type.

The amount of personas you have is dependent on your varied visitor/customer type. You may have two, three, four or more personas.

However many you have, you must have content that resonates with each one. The one-size fits all approach will not work. What you say to one persona won’t have the same effect on another.

Multiple personas is a good thing (within reason). It sharpens your business focus and establishes a better understanding of your visitors, their needs, motivations and intent.

Understanding user journeys

So how do you use the correct bait to catch the right fish? Understanding and establishing user journeys is a must. You need to communicate to each persona at every stage of their journey;

  1. Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Decision

Each stage of the journey for each of your personas requires relevant content. What keywords are being used by your competitors to talk to the same segment? What are the pain points? What specific solutions are your customers looking for?

Let’s consider some content based on the ‘Awareness' stage. You could use the intent based long tailed keywords of: 'I need an SEO product to improve my website'. A better approach however is: 'I need an SEO product to improve my website and make it rank higher.'

Keyword research

Effective keyword research is essential to producing persona-relevant content that reflects search intent and stages in the user journey.

Getting this right improves the likelihood that your relevant content is easily found by your target visitors through organic search queries.

There are many keyword research tools like Semrush, that can help you identify those keywords relevant to your personas. And when you’ve identified them, create a simple spreadsheet with your persona template and align the keywords to your personas.

Then it's down to auditing your website content and optimising the content accordingly. How many new web pages are needed that will talk to your personas? This is where personalisation techniques and tools including AI can help reduce the content management burden.

Which content will be consolidated to avoid keyword cannibalisation? Which existing web pages need a little tweak? What types of campaigns are you going to run to drive traffic and conversions?

It's important to note that although your keyword research is geared to organic traffic, content for (non-organic) landing pages and paid campaigns is also relevant to your audience and can reduce PPC costs.

Working with Codehouse

At Codehouse we offer a structured SEO service that will support your digital marketing efforts. Our dedicated team will carry out our three-phase approach designed to improve site health and SEO.

  • Phase 1: Technical SEO Site Audit

  • Phase 2: On-Page Optimisation

  • Phase 3: Off-Page Optimisation

Get in touch to find out more.

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