Nov 3, 2021



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Nov 3, 2021



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Improved insight, segmentation and targeting with Sitecore CDP

Sitecore CDP is a real-time Customer Data Platform. It creates a unified source of visitor and customer intelligence for your digital ecosystem. Powered by Boxever, one of Sitecore’s acquisitions in 2021, Sitecore CDP collects and activates behavioural data from all your customer-facing marketing and service channels, including web, mobile, app, contact centre, and email.

James Mayhew


Commercial Director

woman standing in the middle of a red and gray wall
woman standing in the middle of a red and gray wall
woman standing in the middle of a red and gray wall

This behavioural data is combined with your customer data to deliver powerful insights and drive targeting, segmentation, and audience delivery to your marketing, commerce and customer experience tech stack.

Sitecore CDP is a cloud customer data solution. It can be deployed to websites and integrated with any channel via a simple JavaScript tag, or combined with other data sources via secure APIs.

Key capabilities

Using Sitecore CDP enables your organisation to gather, combine, and trigger omni-channel customer data. It can transform your marketing efforts into intelligent experiences that will delight your customers.

Here’s what you get with Sitecore CDP:

  • Collect and connect customer data from any channel

  • Create profiles from transactional, historical, or behavioural customer data for every customer, for total visibility across every unique customer journey

  • Segment customer data based on shared attributes, behaviours, or transactions

  • A ‘privacy by design’, GDPR-compliant approach to that data. This enables you to collect and store with PII and non-PII configuration options to keep your customers’ data safe

  • Exploit ‘all-party’ data to uncover engaging, actionable customer insights

  • Activate these customer insights to power personalisation and deliver richer, more meaningful digital experiences for your customers

Data is at the heart of Sitecore CDP. You can track digital behaviour, purchases, and conversions in real-time, and immediately activate insights from your customer database, CRM, and other data sources. You can segment audiences across all this data and use the segments to drive marketing campaigns or use them for real-time targeting across the digital channels you use.

Of course, with data analytics comes customer insight. One of the great things about Sitecore is that it can score all your customers by creating individual classifications for each. Classifications are made by adding scores derived from data science modelling and predicting the best time to interact, likelihood to buy, and lifetime value.

Sitecore also surfaces customer insights as live personalisation profiles. Up to three months of customer insights are available in-memory for real-time targeting.

Key benefits at a glance

Sitecore CDP activates customer insight and predictive models across any of your channels, generating audiences based on all your first party data sources. You can sync audiences across website, service, email, social, and paid media to enable an omni-channel customer experience. This will allow you to move to the next level with your optimisation and personalisation plans.

Sitecore CDP lets you:

  • Realise when customers are on your website and take immediate action

  • Calculate what customers want based on current and historic behaviours

  • Drive customer insights for optimisation and personalisation across any channel

  • Share audiences across your marketing and service ecosystem for a better customer experience

What does Sitecore CDP mean for Sitecore users?

We talked to our Commercial Director, James Mayhew, about what Sitecore CDP could mean for Sitecore customers:

It seems a long time since the talk of ‘big data’ began, but an organisation’s ability to connect and harness vast amounts of data in actionable and measurable ways is, potentially, the transformative differentiator. While Sitecore was early to recognise this with the introduction of the Experience Database (xDB), the demands of organisations have evolved. Sitecore CDP will enable customers to respond in an ever-changing world, to curate and deliver personalised experiences powered by disparate data sources, at scale, and in the moment. James Mayhew, Commercial Director at Codehouse

Working with Codehouse

Data and digital transformation is our bread and butter. We get under the skin of your organisation. We formulate the best tech stack for your business, and pull insights from your data sources to help you make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

We’re one of the most experienced Sitecore partners in the world. We’ve been designing, developing, and driving better digital experiences for brands since Sitecore began - transforming the digital experience for organisations around the world across numerous industries.

If you’d like to know more about Sitecore CDP and the Sitecore Composable DXP, just get in touch. We can help you navigate your way around the new Sitecore architecture, explain what it means for you, and help you make the best choice for your business.

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