Apr 26, 2022




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Apr 26, 2022




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Overview of Sitecore Personalize

The ever-increasing demands of consumers means expectations have evolved to the point where instant gratification is a must. For businesses, this means one thing. Show relevant content to the right person, at the right time on the right channel - without fail.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

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Sitecore’s always been at the forefront of this. Earliest versions of the platform, going back close to 8 years, offered personalisation.

Over the past few years Sitecore’s been pretty busy. Buying Boxever, Four51, Reflektion and Moosend has enabled it to offer a new SaaS Composable DXP and re-position itself as a leading cloud based platform. One of these composable modules is Sitecore Personalize.

So what exactly is it?

It’s an insights based platform with AI automation support capabilities that allows businesses to make real-time 1:1 connections with their audiences across all touchpoints.

This is great news because a disconnected digital experience is bad for consumers, like re-visiting a website on another device only to find you have to start your journey again. This may not have been such a big deal a few years ago, but things have changed. Today, a bad experience almost certainly means losing a prospective customer, and to rub salt in the wounds, a negative review to boot.

Sitecore Personalize gives businesses the opportunity to use hyper personalisation to maintain a seamless journey and to drive goals. No more customers shouting at their devices!

Whatever the touchpoint, be it mobile, tablet, or even a sales kiosk in a train station, businesses can use Sitecore Personalize to connect with their audience. This ultimately boosts conversions, increases retention, builds trust, promotes advocacy and galvanises customer loyalty.

Not sure what content or message will work? Not to worry. Sitecore Personalize has powerful testing features that allows marketers to run tests and get instant results. "Cull the losers and scale the winners" is quite an apt statement from Sitecore.

We all know that data-driven decisions beat guesswork. Gone are the days when marketers had to rely on second guessing customers. That’s because Sitecore Personalize is insights based. Great for marketers as they can use data analytics to create strategies around customer behaviour. They can show the content that’s needed – and choose where and when.

Sitecore's also been busy behind the scenes. It plans to add AI-powered product search like intelligent search, product listing pages, and product recommendations. There are also some Sitecore connectors on the way. Keep an eye out for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Responsys and Klaviyo in the Sitecore Marketplace.

Sitecore Personalize highlights

  • Create amazing 1:1 customer experiences on every channel

  • AI automation support

  • No more guesswork because of behavioural insights

  • Powerful testing features

  • Drag and drop intuitive interface

Sitecore Composable DXP stack

  • Sitecore Send: Email and marketing automation

  • Sitecore CDP: Real-time Customer Data Platform. Creates a unified source of visitor and customer intelligence for your digital ecosystem

  • Sitecore OrderCloud: Online commerce

  • Sitecore Discover: Search capabilities

  • Content Hub: Content generation, media storage and digital rights management and content workflows

Working with Codehouse

Already have Sitecore or are thinking about it? Get in touch when you're ready and talk to our experts about how the Composable DXP can help your business.

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