Apr 24, 2023



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Apr 24, 2023



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The rise of the complete AI Digital Experience Platform

Welcome to the future… Think back 25 years, if you’re old enough to remember. Web 1.0 was a static place. Mundane in comparison to today’s experience-oriented Internet.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

man standing inside a tunnel
man standing inside a tunnel
man standing inside a tunnel

The future back then was exciting. The future back then is what we’re experiencing today, where refined user journeys driven by personalisation en masse strive to satisfy our online needs.

It’s not just us, the consumers, that are evolving. So too is the technology we use on a personal and business level.

One could ask whether we’re evolving to keep up with the tech or vice versa. Either way, the world of tech changes daily. The Internet is awash with buzzwords. Some are fads; others gather momentum to the point of critical mass, evolving from click bait to becoming part of our everyday digital interactions.

But there are important technologies already making waves; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation - which begs the question; what will Digital Experience Platforms be like in the future? Considering how complex and sophisticated they’ve become, surely AI is the next significant innovation.


Imagine a future where Artificially Intelligent Digital Experience Platforms or ‘AIDXPs’ transcend traditional Web CMSs. These AIDXPs are smart, complex and powerful. They learn and recycle knowledge to adapt, evolve and react in real-time.

Through machine learning, the AIDXP anticipates when new content should be created, when to roll-out campaigns, when to automate emails and more.

It does this by monitoring customers, competitors, organic search rankings and market activity. It continuously analyses real time data from competing websites, social channels and more. The AIDXP is now primed to deliver the most relevant content and to execute targeted and effective high impact/high traffic campaigns.

Picture the scenario…

A competitor launches a flash sale. The AIDXP picks up on this and quickly responds by creating and delivering a competing campaign. It builds a landing page, creates content, updates inventory sale items and then promotes the campaign to the right audience on whichever channel it anticipates will get the most conversions.

Web activity hastens…

Metrics are fed into its analytics database. The AIDXP analyses click rates, bounce rates, visitor paths, user journeys, user behaviour, conversions and customer segments. It refines the campaign dynamics accordingly. Hyper personalised marketing automation and retargeting strategies are updated, deployed and refined for current and future campaigns.

And so it continues…

Where does content come from?

It’s the future, remember? By then AIDXP, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) would be so ridiculously refined it would know everything about tone-of-voice, imagery, keywords, customer behaviour, market dynamics, online buyer behaviour etc.

It would access its vast cloud-based Customer Data Platform, and use its advanced AI algorithms to curate, create and automate compelling, relevant and timely content.

What about humans?

In every discussion about AI automation, the same question crops up: Would humans slowly become obsolete? Would we still have purpose in the future’s workplace? Will content creators still be creating?

This, of course, depends on how fast AI advances. With that said, there are automated content creation tools out there already like Bard and ChatGPT.

In a future with AIDXPs, the human touch may well be minimal - fleeting in fact. After the initial design and deployment of the composable AIDXP (by humans), the cloud based AIaaS implementation will get busy building the atomic digital assets needed to deliver the ultimate customer experience and achieve maximum business goals.

The AIDXP would begin its learning journey, overseen by us humble humans, who’ll ensure its behaving within parameters. Take workflows for instance. Would we have a role in ensuring acceptable content is curated, created and published? Or will the AIDXP take control of that too?

If something goes wrong, who or what fixes the problem?

Tech has come a very long way since the 1k memory Sinclair ZX81 in 1981. Yet behind our epic technological advancements are the developers - the lifeblood of tech. For without these coding wizards, we’d still be in the technological dark ages.

But what if AIDXP could self-diagnose and learn to fix technical problems without the need of developers? What if there were machine learning algorithms in the AIDXP’s code repositories? We're seeing this already with ChatGPT and its ability to find and fix bugs in code.

This would significantly diminish the need for human developers to fix technical issues as AIDXPs would be well-versed in a multitude of coding languages and skills. From updating config files and directories to creating JavaScript event handlers, AIDXPs would identify issues by continuously scanning their log files before diagnosing and invoking automated code fixes - in a fraction of the time it takes a developer.

And finally…

The idea of a fully capable and complete AIDXP may sound a tad science fiction and far-fetched, but in the not-so-distant past so did augmented reality, smart phones, chatbots and the Metaverse.

It’s human nature to explore, discover and evolve. We must see where AI and Machine Learning technologies carry the Digital Experience Platform to. Yet as the Metaverse looms, it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more significant AI related DXP advancements filling column inches on techie websites.

Until then, here’s some food for thought: As technology improves, do the computers, or do we (the users) become smarter? Maybe the smarter the tech the dumber the user - only time will tell…

Welcome to the future…

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