Aug 25, 2022




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Aug 25, 2022




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The value of Sitecore CDP and Personalize

As consumers we want our digital experiences to be enriched. Whether that's a nice looking website that functions as expected, timely online communications, smooth transactions or all of the above. In essence, we want to feel we're being taken care of. But behind this gratification is one thing - technology.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

people standing in the street
people standing in the street
people standing in the street

It's the tech we can't see that creates rich experiences online. And Sitecore is right up there when it comes to the nuts and bolts of 'the experience'.

Two recent offerings from Sitecore bring together the digital experience. Part of the Composable DXP, Sitecore's Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Personalize are two independent products that are a marketer's dream. 

All companies need some sort of platform that stores customer information. Without one they don't know anything about prospects and customers. Sitecore CDP goes one step (in fact, a lot of steps further) in putting customers first.

Sitecore CDP uses data collection, profile unification, segmentation, and activation. It builds customer profiles that lead to engaging experiences. It's a smart system that gives marketing efforts a boost by obtaining, providing, and maintaining customers.

To really engage with a customer however, personalisation is needed. That's where Sitecore Personalize comes in. It uses the data in the CDP and follows experimentation and decisioning models to deliver contextual omnichannel experiences in real time. This allows companies to capture, merge, and trigger customer data as and when.

Sitecore Personalize delivers relevant content when needed. This could be anything from a web page to pop-ups.

Why Sitecore CDP and Personalize are good for business

The obvious one, of course, is about putting the customer first and delivering consistent customer experiences that resonate and drive conversions.

Another is about third-party cookies. Because they're being replaced by the first-party variety, having Sitecore CDP is effectively future proofing your business. Why? Because Sitecore CDP supports first-party cookies.

It has the ability to use first party cookies to create a consistent customer profile to create a concentric holistic view of a customer.

The data can also be shared with other tools in your business to create customer-first experiences. This promotes better relationships and a deeper understanding of your customers.

As Sitecore CDP captures data using APIs and a feature called 'Audience sync', Sitecore Personalize uses its models (experimentation and decisioning) to trigger customer-focused involvement.

It intelligently targets audience segments for personalisation across whichever channels your business uses. Whether website, mobile app, emails, or even in-bound and outbound call centres, Sitecore Personalize has it covered.

The whole personalisation process is underpinned by the data held in CDP and the powerful toolset in Personalize. This allows for a seamless presentation of personalised content.

Summary of added value to marketers

The harmonisation of Sitecore CDP and Personalize adds another bow (or two) to the marketers armoury. As mentioned earlier, it's a marketer's dream!

Sitecore CDP value to marketers

  • Customer data integration for various sources

  • Batch uploads

  • Real-time historic and live customer data

  • Collects, connects and unifies customer data from any channel

  • Intelligently segments data

  • Shares customer insights across the business

  • Little to no support from IT teams

Sitecore Personalize value to marketers

  • Supports experimental analysis to optimise digital experiences

  • Uses AI decisioning

  • Delivers client-side personalisation

  • Reinforces decisioning for next best actions

  • Supports in-bound and out-bound personalisation

Working with Codehouse

We’ve been working with Sitecore products for over 15 years and we’re really enjoying the Composable DXP suite.

We’re one of the most experienced Sitecore partners in the world. If you have Sitecore or are considering it as your next digital experience platform, then get in touch when you're ready to discuss your project.

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