Nov 17, 2021



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Nov 17, 2021



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What is Sitecore Discover?

Sitecore Discover boasts robust product catalogue management and visual merchandising capabilities, as well as a powerful AI engine.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

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Sitecore Discover will streamline your ecommerce capabilities. It will provide your business with real-time intelligence for merchandising and search.

Powered by Reflektion, one of Sitecore's acquisitions in 2021, Sitecore Discover will add strength to Sitecore’s ecommerce capabilities and work seamlessly with Sitecore OrderCloud, the composable commerce platform that will support your omni-channel experiences for B2B, B2C, and B2X.

Key benefits of Sitecore Discover

  • The advanced approach to search and merchandising drives conversions

  • Each visitor enjoys real-time personalised search experiences

  • Higher revenue potential through better customer engagement

  • With in-depth search analytics your data-driven decisions are more refined, strengthening your merchandising plans

  • Refined search experience through the customisation of global and local search and merchandising rules

With personalised search results and recommendations driven by AI technology in real time, your brand will be able to capture visitors’ intent and dramatically elevate the shopping experience.

Sitecore Discover allows you to present, promote, and showcase your product catalogue based on your visitors’ search intent.

Every visitor to your online store has different needs. The powerful AI engine in Sitecore Discover surfaces individualised search results with tailored product recommendations, which will continue to improve and adapt to visitor behaviour. The more visitor interactions your ecommerce website has, the more effective the AI becomes as it curates optimised search results that reflect visitor intent.

Sitecore Discover also comes with powerful analytics. This will allow your business to:

  • Gain even better insights on visitor behaviour

  • Make data-driven decisions to improve your ecommerce strategies

  • Build custom reports on site performance, merchandising and BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store)

Product merchandising becomes simpler with more resources and even greater optimisation options. With Sitecore Discover you can create your own category pages based on product categories and add your own dynamic attributes for optimisation.

The platform allows you to create rules, widgets, and algorithmic search functions at a global and local level. Plus you can configure A/B and multivariate tests to gain a better understanding of your customers and their product preferences.

As you would expect from Sitecore, a leader in digital experience management software, Sitecore Discover is equipped with powerful SEO capabilities with multi-locale support. This will improve your SEO capabilities. By using pre-generated permutations and contextual keywords, your global and local reach will expand. Location-based personalisation and recommendations of your ecommerce offerings become a lot more accessible to your audience.

What does Sitecore Discover mean for Sitecore Commerce users?

Sitecore Discover takes ecommerce to the next level. Its intelligent AI algorithms and improved analytics will give you a greater understanding of your visitors’ behaviour and search intent enabling you to optimise and tailor search results on a local and global level, which is a massive plus!

By understanding and guiding your visitors to the right products your ecommerce business will deliver improved engagement, a better user experience and more conversions.

Working with Codehouse

Codehouse is one of the most experienced and leading Sitecore partners in the world. We’ve been developing, designing, and improving digital experiences for global brands across various industries for over 15 years.

Our team of experts will help you navigate your way around the new Sitecore architecture and explain how it can benefit your business.

If you’d like to know more about Sitecore Discover, Sitecore Commerce, and the Sitecore Composable DXP. get in touch.

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