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Feb 2, 2022



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What is Sitecore Experience Manager?

Sitecore is a powerful enterprise-grade content management system and a leading .NET CMS. The Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) is an alternative option to the 'full fat' Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). Sitecore XM allows you to run XP without the Sitecore xDB being enabled.

Peter Lambrou


Sitecore Optimisation Consultant MVP Strategist

person checking a mobile tablet
person checking a mobile tablet
person checking a mobile tablet


As an open, extensible content management platform, Sitecore XM offers user-friendly integration (via connectors). It also supports a variety of different systems, plug-ins, extensions, and modules, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecommerce

  • Social media

  • Advanced search modules

  • Language translators

  • Marketing automation

  • CRM

  • ERP


Sitecore has always decoupled content from presentation. This is referred to as 'headless'.

Headless delivery allows content editors to use XM to create a single piece of web content. This singular content can be seamlessly delivered to create meaningful digital experiences across multiple devices and channels like web, mobile, point of sale digital signage, augmented reality and more.  

Headless delivery reduces the 'content burden' placed on editors. It allows for better planning, implementation and measurement.

XM Hosting

Like it's big brother, the XM offers flexible website hosting deployment options, such as on-premises, hybrid cloud, or managed cloud hosting. It also supports the deployment on Microsoft Azure PaaS.

These variety of hosting options gives you a huge amount of flexibility in development,, security, and upgrades. A robust infrastructure will also improve your website's performance as well as quicker time to market.

Sitecore XM feature compatibility

When it comes to the Sitecore XM vs XP, there are some compatibility limitations you should be aware of:

  • Included: Content editing in the Experience Editor

  • Included: Device detection

  • Included: Geo IP detection

  • Included: Experience Explorer

  • Limited functionality: Campaign Creator (no analytics)

  • Limited functionality: Commerce Connect

  • Limited functionality: Personalisation (in-session only)

  • Limited functionality: WFFM and Sitecore Forms (no analytics in Forms)

  • Not included: AB & multivariate testing

  • Not included: EXM / Sitecore Send

  • Not included: Analytics (Exp Analytics, Exp Explorer and Path Analyser)

  • Not included: List Manager

  • Not included: Segmentation

  • Not included: FXM

  • Not included: Marketing Automation


  • Sitecore version 8.1 and later

  • SQL server

  • An infrastructure with a content management and a content delivery server

  • The necessary Sitecore XM license


  • Multisite management: Share content, presentation, and modules, with central management and monitoring across multiple websites

  • Reusable templates: Take advantage of out-of-the-box reusable UX layouts and pre-built components

  • Multilingual content: Present the right language to the right customer regardless of the digital channel or device they’re using

  • Optimised for mobile: Automatically detects and optimises website content for visitors’ devices, and Geo IP detection enables personalisation based on physical visitor location

  • Personalisation: Deliver targeted, relevant web content of your products and services to your visitors by setting personalisation rules in session. This creates a better brand connection, increases conversions, and ultimately, customer satisfaction

  • One system: Content authors can manage and write multilingual content in one place

  • Headless: Takes a ‘write-once-distribute-across-any-channel’ approach, and automatically serves omnichannel content in the best format for each customer’s device

  • Enterprise-class search: Offers website visitors, as well as content authors, a user friendly search engine to easily find the right content

  • Increases speed to market: Reduce web development time with a new Docker-based development workflow and Sitecore Containers

  • Flexible hosting options: You can deploy with on-premises and cloud or use Sitecore’s Managed Cloud services

  • Moderate your content: Manage your web content flow with effective workflows

  • Intuitive form creation: Easily create forms using drag and drop functionality

  • Efficiently create apps: Developers can access the latest services and APIs to quickly create applications

  • Publish static JSS websites: Sitecore Experience Edge (available for version 10) enables static Sitecore JSS websites to be published, while also delivering real time content to headless websites

  • Part of the Sitecore Composable DXP topology

Working with Codehouse

We’ve designed and built Sitecore websites for numerous brands across a variety of sectors, including integrating websites with systems such as CRM, ERP, PoS, payment gateways and more.

Our developers and experts are ready to help you achieve you business objectives. If you’d like to know more about Sitecore XM then get in touch.

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