The aim of this project was to rollout a contemporary and dynamic website that not only reflects the broad range of networking solutions, but also has improved flexibility, usability and functionality. These include updated navigation, responsive and retina design techniques, and a brand new Resources section.

What's been achieved

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Developed a custom carousel with updated navigation on the home page

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Touch interaction and fully responsive retina display

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Developed a custom XML import tool with auto-import functionality

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Migrated WordPress blog into ADVA Optical Networking's Sitecore website

ADVA Optical Networking case study

Impactful custom carousel

For the updated navigation, we developed a custom carousel platform. Based on a multi-tiled architecture the carousel includes touch interaction functionality.

The visual carousel tiles also include rich media such as YouTube videos. With each tile editable in the Page Editor ADVA Optical Networking's marketing team can take advantage of Sitecore's personalisation features.

ADVA Optical Networking case study

Crisp retina display

ADVA Optical Networking's new Sitecore website is clean, crisp, and easier to navigate. The flexible custom carousel platform features strong imagery and key messaging.

Its touch interaction and fully responsive functionality deliver an improved user experience. The new Resources section provides visitors with a variety of useful downloadable information. This includes videos, notes, iBooks, Visio stencils, data sheets and white papers. To cater for a range of devices with varying screen dimensions, including retina display capabilities for Apple devices, we incorporated responsive design techniques throughout the website.

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Blog migration

Shortly after we delivered the carousel we were asked to migrate ADVA Optical Networking's WordPress blog into a newly designed responsive blog section in their Sitecore website. The added challenge was maintaining imported social network posts, URLs and comments. To meet this challenge we developed a custom XML import tool with auto-import functionality. This useful tool maps field, URLs, social posts and comments to the new blog section in Sitecore.

Following the migration ADVA Optical Networking's blog called 'Technically Speaking' sits in its own blog folder within the Sitecore content tree. Content editors can create new blog content in Sitecore's familiar UI, with each blog post grouped into folders based on the creation date. As well as maintaining social network posts, URLs and comments, ADVA Optical Networking's blog feeds and main blog pages seamlessly integrate with an eye-catching design. The blog section is also capable of utilising all the Sitecore features like personalisation and analytics, enabling Sitecore editors and marketers to get even more out of Sitecore, without compromise.

Experience the blog for yourself at:

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